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Case Study: Calcine Sands

In 2013 Avard Civil were awarded the project to remediate the Calcine Sands area in Bendigo after the arsenic from recent fires became visible.

Avard Civil conducted all necessary civil works to remediate the Liddell’s Calcine Sands site in West Bendigo. The works required all material to be relocated onsite to a central mound and the import of various capping layers to contain the contaminates.

This involved approximately 16,500 m3 of material to be relocated and an additional 16,000m3 of material to be imported.

The project consisted of:

  • Tree removal and habitat construction

  • Excavation and reprofiling of 19,000 m3 of contaminated soil

  • Import of five different filter mediums to ‘cap’ the contaminated soil

  • 15,000 tonne of rock

  • Rock swale drains and geofabric swales


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