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Bendigo Foodshare

We are proud to be partnering with a great community organisation Foodshare, assisting to build their new home base in Golden Square.

Bendigo Foodshare collect primarily surplus food that is would otherwise have gone to landfill from a wide range of food businesses, such as:

  • Supermarkets and food retailers

  • Hospitality businesses

  • Food manufacturers

  • Agricultural businesses and growers

They work closely with their partners, their staff and volunteers, to make sure the food obtained is suitable for human consumption and meets the stringent food safety standards of the Good Samaritan Act.

The type of food they have in stock varies from week to week, but regularly includes fruit and vegetables, meat, cooked meals and prepacked items, dry goods, bread and baked goods, drinks, dairy and eggs.

For more information regarding Bendigo Foodshare and the new build, please follow the link below:-


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