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Case Study: Ewing Park Sports & Community Hub

The demolition of Havlin Ave West from Carnegie Way to Harcourt St was the first stage of the Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program. Avard Civil constructed a court bowl with adjacent angle parking for 12 cars starting at the corner of Carnegie Way and heading south. These works included kerb and gutter, pavement layers and asphalt surfacing.

A 2.5m wide concrete path was constructed around the oval fence connecting the clubrooms and Williamson St to the new Havlin Ave West open space and new carpark adjacent to Back Creek.

The project consisted of:

  • Demolish 1800 square metres of road seal, gravel and kerb from Havlin Ave West.

  • Install 38 metres of 300mm drainage pipe and construct 2 pits.

  • Reconstruct 762 square metres of road and carpark.

  • Reconfigure 3 side entry pits

  • Construct 712 square metres of footpath.

  • Install 29 traffic prevention bollards

  • Topsoil to 1030 square metres with seed and 279 square metres of turf and mulch to 63 square metres


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